• My own fascination with plant-based diets, honestly. Plus, my love of farmers markets. I was wondering why I wasn't eating ethically despite admiring those who do.
  • Currently existing solutions to make the transition to a more sustainable diet can be found in apps like “21-Day Vegan Kickstart.”

What it does

  • Vegily lets users Search for an ingredient they want to buy (can filter this), View local sources, and Learn more about these sources.
  • Vegily helps with convenience & helps ease people into ethical thinking. Vegans I asked mentioned having already been transitioning into a plant-based diet beforehand. This way, you don’t have to get rid of meat/animal products, but it helps you reduce your environmental impact.

How I built it

  • After sketching out the main features (Search for ingredients, see results), I used Figma to design the prototype.

Challenges I ran into

  • I was going to do an app that helped people transition quickly into a plant-based diet, but upon doing user research I realized that this process can take years for many. Instead, I had to figure out how to help people get started on this long journey, which was with thinking ethically.
  • Did not find a team in time :( so this is a little barren in my opinion, but the ideas behind it are well-developed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I couldn't find any sites that are similar to this, so I'm proud that this addresses that gap in resources!

What I learned

  • People want to eat ethically, and they can without changing their diet. This is personally useful, because though I admire plant-based diets it seems a bit daunting to achieve. But, I also learned about how much better it is environmentally to get local food.

What's next for Vegily

  • Adding more social features, so people can share their finds, recommend sources to friends, etc. -- this would help create a social network for people to find similar consumers they can have discussions with -- especially for a younger target audience (young adults) -- Gen Z is the future!
  • Reviews make it more of a social network app -> plans to expand on the review feature
  • Recipes: Having a place to share/view recipes, and being able to search for ingredients through that
  • Perhaps discussion boards, to make this more of a social platform (to appeal more to young adults and also provide a support network, especially for those interested in eating ethically but don't have much support among their social circles)

Built With

  • figma
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