For vegans it is often hard to find the desired info because they often get bombarded with calls to buy something non-vegan.

What it does

It helps feeling good by providing the nearest all-vegan places to eat and to select vegan food that has all the necessary nutrients.

How I built it

The server interfaces to databases like foursquare and USDA food composition databases. The skill interfaces to the the server to query for that information.

Challenges I ran into

Information as it is on screen browsers is generally to complex to present by voice. The challenge was to reduce and extract info on foods that contain a nutrient asked for, to be comprehensive and at the same time concise enough to be understandable by voice.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's great to see the skill telling what foods contain most vitamin C, or any other requested nutrient, without having to debate and dive into books any more.

What I learned

I learned to update an existing skill, bringing the code to the same level that I am now developing as. This has been my first Alexa skill and therefore was coded on a beginner level.

What's next for should remember what people have asked for in the past, and in that context tell new things going further into detail than on previous answers.

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