what if we get news that our local vegetable vendor is corona effected. so i got new machine which will instantly in 2 mins clean the grocery as well as vegetables.

What it does

the particular vegetable or grocery will be kept inside the box first 30 sec it will be under uv light then in 1.30sec they will be fogged by organic sanitizer and then fan will dry it and then by hot water and then again fan will dry it after this process it will be passed by thermal camera if there are more red spot detected on any object will be rejected. hece will get virus free

How I built it

i have just assembled uv light, fan, pump, pipe, belt, motor, thermal camera, fogger etc.

Challenges I ran into

to insure customer that particular will be virus free

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

its just new start

What I learned

how to be safe from pandemic

What's next for veggies cleaner

we will be setting a smart door in which person will be sensitize and will be allow if and only if there is not symptoms of virus or disease so our societies and homes will be disease free

Built With

  • belt
  • box
  • fan
  • fogger
  • pipes
  • pump
  • thermalimagecmera
  • u.vlight
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