HandyGames was inspired by the new generation of wearable devices. Those called Smartwatches are providing us new great features that can help us in our daily life. You are happy if you achieve a new highscore or great goals in real life but also in gaming. So we thought we can combine your fitness with games. So just imagine we developed a new game for the challenge called Vegas Fruit Slots! We have chosen Vegas Fruit Slots cause everyone can play that game and everyone is walking in real life every day - some more some less. You are receiving coins in the game when you walk! The game itself only cost 0.99 USD on Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hg.vegasfruitslots_wear).

This great application is available for all the Android Wear devices on the market. This includes the new Motorola 360, LG, Samsung, Asus or Sony and many more to come.

Our current target group is not huge but we see how fast the target group is growing in the moment.

We as a team are very proud of the new possibilities the hardware is providing and we at HandyGames are one of the first developer for this complete new platform.

Playing the game makes you happy as you can achieve new goals every day and you get rewarded for your steps and for playing. So a perfect candidate for the Happiness Award!

The game was just released and we will receive support from our partners worldwide soon as they also love the concept of getting rewards in a game for your real life activities. The game keeps you fit and happy!

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