What if young people could curate their buying choices themselves and their parents and guardians could be a part of the process in a fun way? What if they could 'earn' rewards for chores and other tasks done and could have a say in how their rewards are spent? What if people who know you, or people who don't could send you gifts in a safe way that allow those responsible for you to vet what gift is appropriate and what gift is not, and you still had a say in the process? What if this also made it possible to buy Christmas gifts for your nephews and nieces and at the same time buy a gift for someone far away, who you never met, but who never had anyone buy them a gift?

What it does

VeeCee is a platform that enables young people to earn rewards from their guardians, peers and other adults. These rewards are captured as a virtual currency (VeeCee) with which they can shop on the VeeCee store in a safe way, share with their friends or save towards items on their wish list, thanks to a three way authentication process that would require the approval of two other (adult) users before a transaction would go through. We are supporting Tech Fugees by enabling people to send VeeCees to less privileged kids to get Christmas gifts or school books on their wish list.

How we built it

With JavaScript, Php,CSS and HTML, using PhoneGap. Shop Integrator was helpful in taking care of the shop front implementation and Amazon Web Service / Lightsail solved our web hosting needs. Domain name registration was done through Radix.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up the server side of the implementation. The wonderful people at the Amazon stand came through on this in different ways. Sorting out the core logic for the platform was also tricky, orange juice and red bull came through on that one.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Coming up with an amazing idea that empowers and protects children and intuitively improves their capacity for resource management. Cracking the server side implementation with the help of Amazon, bringing clarity to the service flow through our team brainstorming sessions.

What we learnt

Team coordination, mapping a product's use case and service flow, rapid prototyping of an idea using simple technologies.

What's next for VeeCee

*Further improvement of the service flow and user experience. *Possible implementation with blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger or Ethereum to employ the use of real crypto-currencies, smart contracts and distributed systems. *Soft launch with a small community to test user experience and gather feedback.

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