It is just a model for full stack application


Now days people are more inclined towards OTT platforms, where they get seamless Video and audio streaming experience.

Main objective

The project makes a full stack development environment for Video streaming, comments (MongoDB) ,subscribe feature etc, the admin can add more series ,episodes without repeating the codes and makeing a little changes.

Refer GitHub codes

How it works

It streams larger Video files in small chunks and provide a seamless viewing experience to viewers,The HTML page send a request to server which in returns send smaller chunks of video files which are randered to viewers .

Comment Section

Refer this code sample. The comment Section is build on powerful mongodb database. User make a comment as a post request to node server which adds new comments ,date and time in our database collections and is then rendered dynamically in our main html page.


  1. Mailchimp API for subscribing new users and sending them welcome message. click this link to see code sample Code sample. javascript/blob/main/Screenshot%202021-03-01%20at%202.01.17%20AM.png).

2.Google API for "Google signup button" which fetches user details from Google server and send them to server. Code Sample.

How I built

It is built of full stack environment where admin can add new series and episodes with a little change in code and empowers flexibility to admin to maintain the site,The function made in javascript and using *EJS templets the admin can add more series and episodes with just small change in code, Which in return acts as a Full stack environment.

Challenges I ran into

I faced a lot of bugs and error, had to go through video tutorials and articles

Accomplishments that

I'm proud of are that I prepared rapid full stack development environment and prepared a web Application on top of it

I learned how to integrate API's in the project and come up with a solution that we need

What's next for Full Stack Vedio streaming site

I plan to host my site in remote server and also include a lot of other features

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