Given the current coronavirus pandemic the world is facing the need is to reach masses and educate them.

What it does

The Virtual assistant does a lot of things like :

1 Self-assessment Test

2 Live COIVID19 world stats tracker

3 FAQs

How I built it

The solution is built using python and flask web flask web framework. It uses two Facebook platforms messenger for frontend and as NLP engine. It is deployed on google cloud.

Challenges I ran into

There were no technical challenges. The challenges we faced were more to do with how presentable the whole user experience can be. We decided to give a human-like face and dress up to the virtual assistant and named her as "Vedika", Vedika is a Hindi word which means "full of knowledge".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I believe the solution has the potential to make a real impact in our community and that is what really makes it extra special. Apart from this, we were able to very efficiently use both the Facebook platforms and integrations went smoothly.

What I learned

Though I have build chatbots in the past this was my first time using Facebook platforms for it.

What's next for Vedika -Virtual Health Assistant (COVID19)

I believe this is just a beginning for Vedika. Need to further extend her knowledge base. Apart from this I also wish to integrate her with live chat functionality where doctors can then take over a conversation when Vedika flags a user who is at high risk.

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