It's always a pain to scale an image file up and find that it's gone all jagged and pixelated. Since Olivia doubles as a coder/cartoonist, she runs into this a lot-- basically, whenever she wants to scale up images for comics or graphics for apps. (She's also terrible at using Adobe's Pen Tool, one of the standard ways of generating vector graphics. No amount of effort has helped.)

The solution? Add a lot of math to it.

What it does

Vectorwise generates vector graphics (SVG files) from photo and line inputs. It makes the drawn lines into vectors by outlining them with Bezier curves after you've drawn them, and it triangulates the real-life photos using a scheme based on a recent image processing paper to create scalable files.

How we built it

With a TON of planning ahead of time, to make sure we understood how the image processing algorithms and SVG file format. Also C & Objective c.

Challenges we ran into

At one point, we spent three hours troubleshooting why the colors in the vector graphics weren't rendering. Reason: there was an extra space in a string.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting cutting-edge math into the mobile marketplace! And making it run without crashing. Getting rid of that space was a triumph.

What we learned

A ton about SVG, simple drawing views, triangulations, graphs, image processing... It was a whirlwind of learning.

What's next for Vectorwise

Polishing it up and putting it on the App Store!

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