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Although there are a lot of similar tools out there, we wanted to make our own, as we would be able to add whatever we wanted to it.

What it does

It is a simple tool for making graphics out of shapes. There are 8 basic shapes that you can rotate and stretch, as well as a basic colour picker. After creating your drawing, you can export it as a PNG.

How we built it

We used GameMaker to create this program. The button icons were drawn using external drawing tools. I did the programming, while Aiden helped with some of the icons and the layout.

Challenges we ran into

The idea for this came in pretty late, so we started at around noon on Saturday, leaving us with only a day to finish. GameMaker also doesn't have proper UI support (for some reason), so I had to write that stuff in.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're pretty happy that we managed to complete this in whatever time we had remaining.

What we learned

Personally, I figured out ways that I could structure UI better, which I can remember for next time.

What's next for Vector Art Tool

We're not sure if we will continue to add to this in the future, but if we do, most of it will have to be rewritten first since it is pretty messy.

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