The worldwide spread of COVID-19 and recent ongoing WAR situation has led to a significant disruption in collaboration activities across the world in various fields be it education, services, marketing and more.

In education sector, the lockdown led to a significant loss of "learning time" for the students. Many countries have turned to online instruction to ensure continuity of learning.

Re-imagining remote collaboration in post COVID-19 & beyond towards Inclusivity and Equality through resilient platform powered by VeChain blockchain and specifically video capabilities.

Such situations pandemic and War led to a significant disruption in educational activities across the world • The lockdown led to a significant loss of "learning time" for the students • Many countries have turned to online instruction to ensure continuity of learning • Rapid shift to Everything Remote Everything online • Online Teaching brings Out Digital Divide in Society • Current online-based ways of remote learning, is not ideal for creating an inclusive learning environment. • Millions of students have resorted to a solution of online teaching. • Specially abled students gets negatively affected with no access to school / friends / learning time • Online classes have come across as a piece of decorated systemic oppression that excludes learners with disabilities. • Disproportionate impact on learners with disabilities.

VeChain's blockchain presupposes that files are encrypted across a decentralized ecosystem, which enhances protection. Storing data in VeChain is more affordable than incumbent cloud data storage. VeChain is also efficient in terms of transactions.

What it does

*We strongly believe this challenge can be tackled together in a sustainable manner through Skynet's decentralized web storage (powered by VeChain). * Let’s look beyond the horizon. Further we deep dive into how we have utilized the VeChain storage and video capabilities to bring entire platform for specially abled people. • Technically – VeChain generated APIs have elevated features to support inclusivity with • Videos with additional speech to text subtitle functionality • Sign language video generated in frame to understand content seamlessly • Community and chat features on existing Videos to make them more knowledge rich for everyone

How we built it

• Speech to Text capabilities from hyperscaler – here for hackathon we have used Google speech to text service • Node.js • Blockchain storage • SendGrid • Google Text to speech

Challenges we ran into

Technical challenges in integrations with multiple tech stacks

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Free Tier + Institute account setup Open platform for everyone for defined free tier usage and collaboration Institute Tenant support for privacy and building contextual knowledge Scalable to large payloads with underlying power of VeChain blockchain

Multi member Meeting Multiple participants Video and Audio through browser and app based Toggling of Video (start / stop) , Audio (Mute / unmute), Mute all or one Screen Sharing, Chat notifications Inclusivity at Education Subtitle : Voice to text and sign, Video in subtitle playing with sign language

Authoring through typing  Text to Voice and feeds in subtitle (above point) Multiple sign language support

Remote Collaboration Video recording [client level and at tenant level to develop knowledge repository) Search repository for past sessions & gain answers to queries (AI driven) Leave bridge, End bridge for organizer

Privacy attributes Individual voice to text rendering in subtitle Record meeting On / Off and at time of End bridge for organizer of the bridge

What we learned

We must look at both quality and equity of learning The focus on online means that many people with disabilities are left behind. Strong need to develop the massive knowledge repository for all offline learning, revision and learning anytime anywhere

Bring new innovative ways Bringing individual level feedback, proactive actions and so on with cognitive capabilities

Look beyond the Horizon • Re-imagine education institutes as a resilient system which can function under continuous turbulence • Develop a more inclusive platform reinventing together everyone • Aim for shaping a better community through resilient platform towards right to equality in education • Prepare for scale and any lockdown in future with participating enterprises

What's next for VeChain Viovix

We sincerely look forward to VeChain team support to make this production ready and much scalable with access to everyone to make difference to society

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