“There’s not better way to thank god for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark.”

In our world today, the more you read, the more intellectual you become. However, this might become an obstacle to most of people with blindness.

Today, there over 45 Million Blind Person in the world, and 66% of them are unemployed.

The loss of sight causes enormous human suffering for the affected individuals and their families. It also represents a public health, social and economic problem for countries, especially the developing ones, where 9 out of 10 of the world's blind live. Billions of dollars are spent in the eye health, surgeries, cure, and more of stuff. �In 2009/10 The health expenditure linked to eye health was at least 2.9 Billion USD in UK.

What it does

The aim of VGlass eyeglasses is to change their lives, to enable them to interact more with the community and to do more.

VGlass can read any text in front of the user, and then a speech of the text will be told to the user, VGlass now can read up to three different languages and we are still working on other many languages. To wrap it up, there’s nothing can stop him from holding the paper upside down that’s why VGlass can read the text even if it was upside down. In order to enable them to interact more with the community, VGlass can describe everything around the user, if there are any people, it can tell him what gender they are, their age, and their emotions as well. VGlass will tell him who's he talking to by recognizing faces, and also tell him if they are really listening or are really very happy by telling him their expressions and emotions.

We still working on certain features such as Navigator which will help him to reach a certain destination, and to let someone who can supervise him or a family member to track him every second for any urgent cases. And to secure them and enable them to make financial transaction, VGlass will help them to recognize currencies, and in order to enable them to match their clothes without any help, VGlass also will tell him what color he is looking at or holding.

How I built it

Using a RaspberryPi or DragonBoard with Windows 10 IoT Core installed, and a UWP (Windows 10 Application) running on it, and a WebCam connected to my device as an input with some push buttons and wires, and all connected to the cloud for more scalability.

Challenges I ran into

User Experience, Different Language Detection and Facial Expressions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have been through a good level of the project at the moment and still adding more.

What I learned

How to beat up the challenges before deadlines.

What's next for VGlass

Too many features that will make life much more easier for blind people.

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