I had never been to HackPrinceton. I didn't know what who I was going to meet or what I was going to make. And right before my eyes, I met Daniel and Peter, who also loved math like I do. And so we hatched the idea to combine modern technologies and the great hardware supplied from downstairs to help others students learn the concepts we love.

What it does

Shows a VR simulation of sound waves

How we built it

Using Unity/Android/C# with google vision.

Challenges we ran into

First time using Unity and we all just met each other so we needed to learn each other's strengths.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There is a lot in this project, and we got a lot done in the small amount of time we had.

What we learned

Unity and friendship/fourier transforms

What's next for VClass

Expand it to show other difficult math concepts

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