Vega Fever was inspired by the idea of creating clothing that adapts to its environment and reflects the personality of the wearer. The founders wanted to challenge the traditional concept of static clothing and create something dynamic and versatile that would empower individuals to express themselves in a unique and sustainable way.

What it does

Vega Fever creates sustainable and innovative color-changing clothing for the fashion-forward. Their unique technology allows the clothing to change color based on the environment, giving wearers a dynamic and versatile fashion option.

How we built it

We first thought about using vinyl lights but because they were unavailable to find, we ended up creating a shirt and 3D printing a NFC tag. Because this is a complicated design which requires expertise and technology advancements which are aware on how it works, but never have physically worked on it.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the hardware system for the light to be displayed on the shirt.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the shirt stitched up Successfully designing and producing a unique and innovative product Establishing a strong brand identity and marketing strategy plan

What we learned

That technology and fashion are progressing hand in hand. People in the future would love to have some sort of technological features which would enhance and provide the value for the product

What's next for Vega Fever

Implementing it and try to raise a seed round. Initially and ofcourse would be hard, but not impossible as there is a possible market for these products and once acquired we can work on expansion of the product to different markets.

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