Aligning with great Australian values , we continue to aspire to make the world a better place. We have approached the themes of building a resilient enterprise and embracing the new normal, with emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.

What it does

A culture and diversity sensitive Virtual Buddy add-on to the collaboration systems like Office 365. To have a cultural & diversity sensitive interaction, a persona representing your liking, you feel at ease will be selected. Virtual buddy along with real people can provide a seamless inclusive on-boarding for a new person. Continuous learning platform which learns the pattern from the learners and mentors and improvise and optimise. Digital and AI aspects for supporting overall well-being integrated with MS Analytics.

Our over arching value proposition to the customers Diversity and Inclusivity as a social purpose and theme Adding human touch to the existing process with a learning platform. Reuse Office’s integration with multiple tools and systems enabling ease of implementation and Ubiquity. Supporting remote model work with on touch support. Using hybrid interaction model ( robotic , assisted ). Focus on employees working remotely Digital workflows coupled by Voice /Video Hybrid Robot which can enable two way interactions. Automation and applicability with user centric design and ease of use.

How I built it

The concept was driven from real world challenges in onboarding people with cultural diversity. The team gone through a design thinking driven user experience. Resources Office 365, Intranet portal or the organisation. People like “me” and “you”, who understands the organisation and supports and teaches the Virtual buddy, so that platform/process will continuously improve.

Challenges I ran into

It was easy with Microsoft platform best suited to built solutions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Was appreciated by multiple HR and Social and Cultural diversity leaders.

What I learned

To make a big change, small steps goes a long way ahead. Keep trying even if people dont consider your idea important.

What's next for vCare Buddy

To provide this as a solution for organisations to support inclusive onboarding.

Built With

  • microsoft-bot-framework
  • power-virtual-automate-platform
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