We come across the problem of holding and organizing business cards from the entrepreneurs we meet almost everyday. So, we decided to create a digital instrument that would ease our lives. Our online app gives you the opportunity to create, share and organize your personal virtual card. The most interesting facts we thought about when we decided to implement this are: we want to protect the environment by not cutting trees for our business cards and we want a simple and useful way of creating business cards. The only information you need if you want to create a virtual card are the same pieces of information that can be found on a classic business card. What will be really helpful for the entrepreneur is that the information is clickable: you can call, visit the website and send e-mails with just one click, directly from the app.

How we built it

For the moment, the application is built entirely on a wordpress website.

Challenges we ran into

I think the hardest challenge was coordinating the tasks with the team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to finish the application in less than 24 hours, without having an advanced experience in the IT industry.

What we learned

Teamwork makes the objective easier to accomplish, as each team member gives his personal input to the project. We learned that in order to be efficient, a team must have the roles and tasks of each individual very well structured before beginning the work.

What's next for vCard

Even though our project might not win anything, we believe in our concept and would like to create a better website version. Also, with the necessary experience, we would like to create a mobile app that would be easier to use, giving you the possibility to store a vCard by scanning a QR code.

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