I love music and write my own, using applications like audacity can be frustrating so I plan on creating a new format for editing audio

What it does

The fully finished product will be able to play, load, splice and edit audio

How I built it

I used Visual Basics

Challenges I ran into

I'm new to coding so getting the application to work was challenging

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the progress I've made in my project

What I learned

How to use Visual Basic, my interest in computer science and the possibility of studying it in college

What's next for VB Magic Player

The finished product will introduce a new way to create music. Audacity, while free, has flaws and the audio doesn't always create the most polished product, my application will be free and make audacity obsolete by including sliders, mixers, faders, giving the user the power of a professional music producer, allowing a new generation of singers and songwriters to explore their creativity and create beautiful music.

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