Christopher Le (Software Engineer, Junior Computer Science at Augustana College) I was responsible for creating a working prototype of the app, I created the UI design while also working on the front and back end of the app.

Grant Ighile (Software Engineer, Junior Web Design at Vincennes University) I was responsible for working on the back end, I created the blockchain database for our app.

Michael Cruz (Project Manager/Business Development, Junior Mathematical Statistics at Purdue University) I was responsible for the business development for our app, creating the business model, customer profile, and our go-to-market strategy. I also setup all meetings between members and our coaches.


The lack of blockchain use in the healthcare industry is creating panic in the general public about the safety of their data. Important health records and personal information are aimed to remain secure, but with increasing records and data, without a blockchain, this task is hard to do.


Our solution is an app that serves as a health passport to prove vaccination while also keeping data secure. Our app contains a secure blockchain powered by Ethereum that encrypts user's information, while also being accessible on any platform.

Market Size

With a total of 5,217 public US airports, our market has an annual TAM of $3.13M through an ACV of $600. We believe that we can capture 2,500 airports resulting in a SAM of $1.50M. Our primary target user includes people who need/want to travel.


The primary competition for our app includes apps like Excelsior Pass, VeriFLY, Common Pass and more. Where we separate ourselves from this competition is that our app does so much more. Our app focuses in on using blockchain to ensure user's privacy while also being accessible on any platform or anywhere whereas our competitors are either strictly located in one state or lack the use of a secure blockchain.

Business Model

Our key partners are the airports and ticket providers. We will use our key partner's websites resources to help advertise our app through online channels. Our main costs are going to come from running the Ethereum blockchain and advertising our. Built with the precedent that Excelsior Pass cost $2M to develop.

Marketing and Sales

Our marketing strategy starts on the websites where user's purchase their tickets such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, and eventually ticket sites such as Ticketmaster and StubHub. We would also market on social media sites while aiming to get doctor support and recommendation. We plan to charge our key partners a monthly recurring fee as our source of revenue and with increasing partnerships, leads to increasing revenue.

Progress to Date

Our app so far encrypts user's information on the blockchain database powered by Ethereum while also providing authentic proof of vaccination for Covid-19.

Future Milestones

End of 2021 - Enhance our blockchain to handle large amounts of data and to start introducing new key partners.

Jan 2022 - Jun 2022 - Finalize the partnerships between arenas/stadiums and start to look at venues and conference centers. Incorporate Covid test results to our blockchain with a secure machine authentication system.

Jul 2022 - Dec 2022 - Finalize partnerships between large venues and conference centers while also incorporating other vaccine records to our blockchain.

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