Create accessible resources for people of high risk profiles to receive vaccinations, healthcare and services behind the ebbs and flows of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond this, we want to show that data is crucial when it comes to times of high stress, and the importance of prioritizing high risk groups.

What it does

A data - based project that surveys and categorizes groups of individuals who are in most need of proper care such as the COVID vaccine and prioritizing them on a case to case level. Our intended audience is Vaccine Clinics/Organizations/Pharma. Our mission with this idea is to make our product easily understandable and accessible for all.

How we built it

Python and HTML5

Challenges we ran into

The data currently used to train the Machine Learning model involved here is currently static, which means it doesn’t accurately represent the world’s state currently. But the required syntax for such an implementation is already created, and this can be edited for the future. The data we trained the Logistic Regression model on is actually data describing country-wide COVID trends, which we have extrapolated to individual patients, and while there is some correlation, it is not exact. Discussions with experts will help improve the accuracy and prediction power of our application. We were able to build a basic representative website using HTML and PHP, but this is not fully responsive. Instead, what you saw in the demo was an illustration of the website design we had in mind, but couldn’t implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned a lot of PHP.

What we learned

AI practicalities, PHP, Adobe XD.

What's next for VaxLine

Fixing limitations, create a working website.

Built With

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