The idea came from two problems: Insurance companies store immunization data insecurely by using social security numbers as a unique identifier for its patients, and there isn't a strong way to verify immunization records when submitting them to an institution like a university. This means that someone could potentially fraud their immunization records without the institution knowing, potentially putting other people in danger.

What it does

VaxCheck implements a blockchain that holds immunization data with a unique health key and verifies if immunization records are valid. To make sure that vaccinations are completely verified, a doctors office would upload patient data to the block chain and if an institution would want to retrieve the data they would be given a private key. Once they have the private key they would go on our website and the block would be decrytped. We have implemented PGP two way encryption to make sure the blockchain is HIPPA compliant.

How we built it

We used python to create the blockchain and encryption, and HTML and CSS for the front end of the project.

Challenges we ran into

Only one of the members have developed with blockchain before, and had never created a blockchain from scratch. Encryption was also tricky because we had to create public and private keys, and we had never used two way encryption. In the beginning stages of the project we had planned to use React Native for our front end but couldn't find enough resources to complete it, so we switched to HTML and CSS. Finally, the pitch of the project was a challenge because blockchain can be hard to explain to non-technical people.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the originality of the idea and learning how to implement our own blockchain and encryption.

What we learned

Neither of us had done a project quite like this, we learned a range of information about the medical industry, data security, blockchain technology, and front end development. To say it was out of our comfort zone is an understatement.

What's next for VaxCheck

VaxCheck can basically be used as a platform for saving any secured information that needs to be verified by a third party. In the future we could see it being used for industry training, other medical records, and much more. In the future we would like to make the project more user friendly and scale it for big data.

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