We watched an introductory video on Blockchain which inspired us to use the technology to make a project. This paired with the ongoing pandemic led us to the idea of Vaxchain.

Vaxchain logs vaccinations in a blockchain. This prevents data from being changed within the blockchain, making sure that it is permanent and secure. Therefore, events and other activities can be performed in a safe manner making sure those who are attending are vaccinated. Similar concepts such as "vaccine passports" are being passed around, but these methods don't offer a reliable, unchangeable log of those who have been vaccinated.

In order to build the website we used CSS/HTML with a small amount of Javascript, as well as Google cloud for the hosting. The Web Development workshop was a huge help for introducing us to this. As for the project itself, we used IntelliJ/Eclipse to code in Java and utilize JavaFX/Scenebuilder and uploaded our code to Github for efficiency working as a group.

One challenge we ran into was that we had almost zero background in web development. This meant we had to learn from scratch how to code our website, as well as host it. Another challenge we faced was making a blockchain altogether. The concept of a blockchain was new to us, so the development of one was extremely difficult.

We are all proud of the project we were able to put together in such a short amount of time. Since we have never developed a full-scale project as a group before, so this was all new ground to us, making the end result feel even more accomplishing.

We learned a lot of new skills. Some of them include blockchain, development as a group, structure/implementation, using Github, and overall improved our coding skills.

In the future, we plan on utilizing Vaxchain in order to process real-world data to put the program to the test.

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