My inspiration to create Vax to the Max was to stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives across the world. I want to motivate, educate, and encourage people of different ages to get the COVID-19 vaccine that can save millions of lives.

What it does

Vax to the Max provides people of different ages motivation and resources to get the COVID-19 vaccine. People can navigate through my website and app for their specific age group to learn more about the vaccine. Kids can learn about mask usage in different stimulating ways, teens can look through social media posts to get inspired, adults can use different resources to learn about the vaccine and the science behind it, and everyone can use the 3D models to familiarize themselves with the vaccine. The app I made can display the website, show different 3D models relating to COVID-19 and the vaccine, use the selfie booth for social media posts, and find the nearest vaccination sites.

How we built it

I built my website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and I made my app using MIT App Inventor. For the 3D Models, I used SketchFab and Vectary to create the models and the 3D Web Viewer to display them.

Challenges we ran into

I had some challenges with the JavaScript and 3D models initially, which were fixed by some simple debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am so proud of myself for building this as my first hackathon! I really love the features of my website and app, I truly believe this can make a positive impact in our society!

What we learned

I learned how to make 3D model code in this hackathon, learned how to brainstorm ideas to leverage science and technology to solve real-world problems! I feel like the hackathon has equipped me to become a future innovator and address some of the world's biggest problems.

What's next for Vax to the Max?

I want to add an Elderly age group in my website and link the app to my website in the future! I hope to also create iOS app to supplement the Android app so that more users can access Vax to the Max. With Vax to the Max, we can save millions of lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic and achieve global vaccination!

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