Throughout our brainstorming session to come up with an idea for us, we thought of when Justin Trudeau said he wants to create a vaccine pass once we are all able to get the vaccine to let others know were vaccinated.

What it does

Vax Pass is a virtual pass that creates a QR code after filling out a questionnaire, this QR code can be scanned by businesses or companies to know who has and hasn't been vaccinated.

How we built it

We built this project in python using different python plugins, such as the QRcode6.1 and google sheets API for a database.

Challenges we ran into

The QR code would not show and pop at some points. We ended up getting it to work in the end but then tried to have the laptop webcam work and read the QR code, we ran into issues with it not reading the QR code and closing the window for the camera.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The two big accomplishments we are proud of would be getting the QR scanner/writer working and establishing a connection to the Google Sheets database. The QR scanner was a bit iffy at first, but being able to write and decode a QR code on the fly was a huge win for use. Likewise, it was a bit tricky to establish the connection to the database, but once it worked it was a huge morale boost.

What we learned

IO is hard! On a more serious note, we had the opportunity to learn how to work with QR codes this weekend. They're a very powerful tool to utilize!

What's next for Vax Pass

We will be emailing Trudeau with offers to buy Vax Pass tonight.

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