Through Covid-19 all of us learned how we Humans loves to go out and our favourite places are the extension of our personality. But COVID have shaken us, and post lockdown trauma to catch the virus is prevalent. So we thought how about we solve this problem by using existing hardware that almost every business have, and Project VATIKA was born.

What it does

Vatika is an APP that helps people to see expected crowd stats at their favourite place(according to ETA) and help them take more informed decisions.

For Businesses/Organizations/Schools/Government bodies - We have an API that integrates with there existing CCTV/IP Cam setup and do internal monitoring, use our warning system to follow social distancing norms.And if they want they can also list their location to our app so that visitors can plan there visit beforehand.

How I built it

We only managed to build the algorithm to count the people inside a place. We used the pretrained MobileSSD model to detect if the object is a human or not. Then we use image processing and openCV to count the people who are inside.

Challenges We ran into

  1. Thinking of all the edge cases which a user might encounter
  2. Making the model was challenging.
  3. Thinking about it's integration with a cloud server and database was also challenging but interesting as well making the wireframe was totally new but very intuitive task

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very happy that we have make a mvp along with a really nice presentation

What's next for VATIKA

Releasing the API & integrating it with cloud.

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