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While visiting a tourist destination, though we go through internet to search across tourist sites in the destination, we often fail to look at some rare tourist spots which aren't listed on the internet. While a local of that place can help us out, Internet doesn't provide us with necessary knowledge.

What it does

So we propose our solution in our website that we will comply with any local guide agency of that place to collaborate with us and make their destination a more viable attractive one. Moreover, not just tourists visit our place, but also many people visit for educational purposes.

How we built it

By using different tech stack mention below.

Challenges we ran into

bugs during coding Some react functions Challenges for CSS To arrange the file and links properly(mainly database)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

360 ° view: with the help of google 360 we will provide 360° view of desired city. Map Illustration: Attraction of particular state on a single click. Video Elucidation : 4K videos to demonstrate beauty of the place. User Friendly Interface Regularly Updated

What we learned

Time management Team work Discovered real life problem.

What's next for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Tourism

Our website will be regularly updated for all places to make it education-friendly too. Also, as we plan to setup guide agencies, this will also help in the employment of local people. We will add some more features in the website including google maps which will tell us the hotels, transports and other facilities near by .

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