The inspiration for this project is to help those who are unable to get appropriate medical attention and medication in this global pandemic. Venturing outside of the comfort of your own home requires facing the risk of COVID-19, and our team addresses this issue with VASP.

What it does

VASP uses its own sensor device to collect vital signs and other medical information, and then diagnoses the patient based on medical history, symptoms, etc. After identifying the appropriate medication, the software finds local pharmacies that have the medicine in stock and offers the option to deliver it to the user's residence, thereby bringing a doctor's office and a pharmacy to the comfort and safety of one's home.

How we built it

  • 3D model
  • Arduino Prototype
  • Web application (Full-Stack)

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting the database synced up for both of our programmers to work collaboratively
  • Finding the right hardware for the arduino
  • Getting the Google Maps API on our website
  • Short time constraint to edit the video

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The database, front end, and back-end algorithym for the website is very comprehensive, and the real life Arduino model exhibited our creativity.

What we learned

We exhibited a lot of learning, with software that spans over 10 000 lines of code and many new languages learned along the way. We were challenged with using an Arduino to bring our concept to life, and we overcame these challenges with a growth mindset and teamwork. Every member of our team learned something new through this project.

What's next for VASP

Next steps can be found in the video.

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