Vulkan Android Real Time Image Processing

This is an attempt to show the different ways to run real time image processing computation.

What I did

I ended up combining Vulkan Textures with the Android Camera2 API all in Native C++ to get a filter to work in smooth real time


  • To run image processing you would assume to use the GPU.
  • What is the best way to push the data to the GPU.
  • Is it not just faster to have the CPU run it threads
    • This is not considering now the CPU can't handle other operations

The Screen Buffer

  • The Android NDK lets you have control of a ANativeBuffer* that is attached to a ANativeWindow. This allows you to set the buffer and then push to screen
  • The idea of having this all in OpenGL Texture Creates a new

The Computation

  • Android does not support OpenCL and getting it to work can be annoying and almost impossible for a production standpoint
  • Google has their own RenderScript which is not cross platform and universal as OpenCL is
  • The best workaround I see is to use Vulkan as it has both Android native support (Android 7.0+) AND Compute capabilites
    • The computation would be done in SPIR-V shaders which is still more universal than RenderScript
    • Also OpenCL is planning to one day merge into Vulkan for reason

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