Inspiration The passion for developing an app for the welfare of a community drives us forward. Our aim is to increase the transparency and accountability across regional networks.

What it does The app VARTALAP could be used to communicate and share information about topics of importance. It keeps a track of the contributions, discussions and messages.

How we built it The app VARTALAP is built using various high-end programming languages such as Kotlin and AppsGeyser.

Challenges we ran into App development is a time-taking process. But, due to our team's dedication and hard-work, we were able to overcome the tough situations quite easily.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We are proud of the user-interface that we have provided in our app VARTALAP. Also, the graphics in the app are quite impressive.

What we learned We learned the basic and advanced tools of app development and graphics designing.

What's next for VARTALAP The app VARTALAP would be made available to the common masses for their welfare through Play Store and App Store.

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