My Brother and other people like him who like to live their home and stay to their family but usually, find themselves far away from their home by Travel for another country because of work missions. Video/Voice call isn't fine for those who like Family meals or watching their pets, doing meditation at their gardens or even check if their house is safe.

After seeing this hackathon I've spent many hours trying to think about what I can do and finally I got an idea of building a Virtual Reality cross-platform project that communicates with real-life devices.

Varchome name created by Virtual ARC Home ARC here join names by symbolizing to go back home by virtual

What it does (Functionalities)

1.Uses facebook page for our home to authenticate the user device and 360 client web-app.

Varchome first uses Facebook Login and help the user to assign Page he/she will use as a home account.

2.Tour your home and access control your lamps, CCTV camera through a 360 world

Via varchome's client app you can turn on and off lights not only by the most used Internet of Things technology, but acting like you are back home interacting live with your house.

3. Help user to relax to their home garden

While walking through your home you can even sit in your home garden.

4. Do meditation in a place you desire

There are some online stores which sell 360 stock videos that can help the user to meditate sitting in desirable work.

How I built it

The project was built using react 360 to display images which represent live streaming video from firebase's realtime database and give a user permission to interact with physical devices and that task is performed by electronic embedded system.

Challenges I ran into

The challenge was to learn react-360 and be able to integrate backend technology to control real-time devices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1. Creating VR-IOT project

Actually, when people are using those things like VR/AR and other video-based technology it seems like they are building things which are not actually real. _My accomplishment was to build a VR which deals with Real-life.

2. Integrating my project with facebook products

When I've integrated Varchome which was made by Facebook's react-360, react js and facebook's login API to authorize the user and access his page as home representative account, I have gained the motivation to partner with Facebook and make those pages with Home category have varchome features.

What I learned

After teaching myself a little of react-360 by Facebook's documentation on this website and finding a solution for a problem, I've realized that We as developers, we can solve our everyday problems and recreate amazing integrated future technology at the market.

What's next for Varchome?

  1. Continuously building more features like voice control using Facebook's and stream real-time 360 videos generated by cameras placed at home, make the user more efficient by enabling him/her to use varchome for live streaming family parties on his page and get 360 notifications sent by home page.
  2. Varchome need support from Facebook.
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