We were inspired by Google Tilt Brush because of how intuitive, simple, and fun it was to draw in 3D space. So we thought, what if we made something similar but for building instead of drawing.

VArchitect is a program that allows you to use simple 3 dimensional shapes to build whatever you can imagine.

We built it using Steam VR and Unity 3D as well as lots of research. Steam VR allowed us to easily implement positional tracking for the HTC Vive. The rest was hand programmed.

One challenge was that we tried to make it so that every object could be scaled on one axis or multiple depending on where you grab the object with your two controllers. This turned out being so complex that we couldn't implement it. Another challenge we ran into was the person behind our desktop... He stepped on our surge protector switch and turned off power to all of our devices WHILE we were editing. Soon after while I was rebooting the system, he stepped on it again. This led to a 3 hour troubleshoot for the computer as it wouldn't boot up anymore after that. We ended u[ having to reinstall windows 10 twice while undergoing multiple blue screens. Luckily keeping my old windows files during reset saved everything. We used about 4 hours of our time on this.

I'm proud of the entire project, this is my first hackathon (Alex) and our first time developing for the HTC Vive so it was a great experience since we did almost everything successfully.

We learned that team collaboration is actually kind of difficult as one person is typically writing code while the other is contributing by researching/design/testing and debugging.

Next would be to release it to the community of people who own HTC Vives so I can get feedback on how to improve it. I have a list of things I would like to implement and optimize about the current version, but that will have to wait till spring break.

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