We decided to use Capital One's financial API to create a Papers Please style game. If you don't know, Papers please is a game where you work as a passport officer examining peoples documents with increasingly difficult rules. We wanted to emulate that, but for checking if financial transactions are fraudulent or not. We also designed the game to have a Vapourwave aesthethic to better fit this year's theme.

What it does

In Vapours Please, you examine different peoples' bank accounts and transactions, searching for fraudulent purchases. Check each account's balance and the transaction amount to check for fraud, then either accept or deny it. The more transactions you accept, the more rules there are to deal with.

You'll get more fuel for every correct transaction you accept, keep the car topped up on fuel so you don't stop.

How we built it

We have a Django backend which simplifies the API calls for our Javascript front-end, which renders the game with PixiJS, a graphics framework.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to get the game engine to interact with the asynchronous API calls was a challenge, but we managed to get it working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The art style of the game is something we think looks really good. Getting all the different pieces of this project to work together properly is also an accomplishment.

What we learned

  • Vapourwave art design
  • Making Django and JS interact with an external API
  • Collaborating to build software online

What's next for Vapours Please

Adding a better scoring system, and more details for the player to look over.

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