We all were interested in building a fun usage for the blockchain. A dApp with fun visuals and interesting interactions. Being interested in cryptocurrencies, dankness, vaporwave, and satire, we figured we could combine all of them.

What it does

Each ETH address can create a single “vaper” (a character in the game), upon creating a vaper, a user can participate in “normal” blockchain activities, like mining, networking with others, hacking other participants, or taking a vacation (necessary to manage happiness).

Each vaper has a number of stats they must manage: Experience, Knowledge, Influence, Happiness, and Vapor (money).

Vapers receive stat changes for each activity they participate in. For example, while performing mining operations, a user gains Vapor, Knowledge, a small amount of Influence, while losing Happiness. If your vaper runs out of happiness they “give up.”

How I built it

The entire game backend is built on-chain with Solidity contracts. The Vapor tokens used as currency are real ERC20 tokens, and can be transferred to other players, or even sent to addresses completely unassociated with the game. We used truffle and hand-rolled the UI.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest difficult was actually working with web3, connecting the communication pieces between the chain data and our react frontend was extremely non-trivial and took most of our time to build all of the connections.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a nice working product, with thorough Solidity contracts, a real ERC20 token, with an interactive frontend. It was extremely fun to come up with an idea, refine it, learn the necessary technologies, and build a full product. We also find the idea quite funny, and hope that blockchain “vapers” can take themselves a little less seriously.

What I learned

Tons about Solidity, web3, truffle (had no previous experience), and building dApps in general. Oh, and how terrible the tools are for blockchain development.

What's next for Vapor

More features, we will integrate an ERC721 token for user items, add more mission types, building out more of the game based on blockchain stereotypes.

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