Blockchain technology has the potential of reform campaign financing by increasing its transparency.

One of biggest issues Ethereum could solve is 501(c)(4) organizations.

These organizations collect money to promote social welfare. Through the IRS classification, the advisory groups only need to report those who donate money for political purposes, but they do not need to release donor information if the donation is unrelated to their cause.

The lack of transparency with these organizations could easily be manipulating their numbers to keep certain donors in the dark. By keeping these donations on the blockchain, these organizations may be ordered to reveal their private donors.

What it does

  • Register candidate and donors on uport.
  • Each candidate's campaign is managed by smart contract that codifies limit on individual contributions
  • Track donations and campaign spending

How we built it

  • Remix
  • React for the front-end
  • Solidity smart contract that manages fund transactions and record payees, candidate and donor uport id.
  • Metamask for donor to make contribution
  • Etherscan to track fund transactions

Challenges we ran into

Integration of Metamask and uport. React js framework and Ethereum Javascript API integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcome technical hurdles to build a Dapp that showcase the concept.

What we learned

The application toolsets for developing and operationalizing Dapp still have some way to go.

What's next for Vantang3

  • Multi-sig wallet for campaign fund spending
  • Detail fund flow report and visualizaiton
  • A MVP to showcase its potential

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