Sure, online shopping is familiar for some of us. But cars, not so much. While online shopping has facilitated buying traditional retail items, cars are still hard to navigate and are very complex. We're here to remove any friction from the traditionally tedious task of shopping online for cars.

What it does

It makes the task of shopping for cars a lot easier by reducing the customer journey to a few clicks! No need to search for different filters to apply, but simply follow our great interface showing pictures at every step. And if all goes well, book a test drive and fall in love with your choice :^)

How we built it

Blood, sweat, blinker fluid, caffeine and deep neural networks

Challenges we ran into

Integration between Flask and Angular was very tedious, Flask does not work well with Google Chrome. In addition, the manually inputted data was extremely noisy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented a deep neural network that back-constrains our gaussian process latent variable model that achieves high-quality mechanism clustering on latent variables that were learned using additive noise model-mixture model mechanisms.

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