Our inspiration is from Uniswap and Pancakeswap. VanSwap aims to build a decentralized exchange completely governed by DAO.

What it does

Vanswap is a decentralized exchange and largest liquidity provider. As we move on to our next phase of development, users will be able to mint NFTs by burning VAN tokens. These NFT will be used for the governance, guaranteed whitelist launchpad and boost yield function. Soon, more cases will be available for NFT holders.

How we built it

Vanswap is the first Decentralized Exchange to introduce the innovative model – Token +NFT. We combined NFT with DAO to make sure that every users' voice can be heard.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge for VanSwap is introducing the project in a Bear Market. However, we believe that good products and projects will still shine and more investors will come. We believe that VanSwap will be a successful project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are the first DEX that use "Token+NFT" model. We are also proud to proclaim that many are interested in Private and Public IDO of VAN token. Moreover, many investors are now showing their interest in minting NFT for the VanSwap platform.

What we learned

As we experience several challenges in developing this project, the most important thing that we learn is to keep the innovation. Through innovation, new models can be formulated and VanSwap can easily adapt and overcome the challenges of change.

What's next for VanSwap

As of the moment, VanSwap is on its Phase 1 of development where there is an IDO for Private and Public Sale. The next feature that will be released are Yield Farming and NFT. After the development phases of VanSwap, it will be fully governed by DAO. Now the cross-chain bridge supports Tron chain. In the future, we will eomploy on Tron to give more help on its ecology.

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