API to mastermind game


The API was written in Django and using the package “Django-Rest-Framework” you can set the environment by creating a new virtualenv and running:


Create a virtualenv and do:

$ pip install Django
$ pip install djangorestframework

or simple run

$ pip install -r requirements.txt


run by executing

$ python runserver [host]:[port]

the default host and port = localhost:8000


POST game/{game_id}

Expect a json with the guess from the user {"solution":"12345"}. Retrieves data:

  • game (the game id)
  • solution (the guess)
  • guess_number (1st, 2nd, ... guess on this game)
  • exact (the amount of right colors and positions on the guess)
  • close (the amount of right colors that are not in the right position)
GET game/{game_id}
  • game (the game id)
  • count_moves (moves done so far)
  • max_moves (the limit of moves on this game)
  • guess (a array with n guesses, this guesses display the same data as retrived in a post guess)
  • state ( [new, win, playing, lose] - to let the front end know how to react )
POST /newgame

expect a json data to create and setup a new game:

  • secret (the secret to be guessed)
  • max_moves

Challenges I ran into

The time hehe, i ended up doing something extremely MVP

What I learned

Learned a lot new things about django rest framework. I had worked with it but the system only provided data to another service, so that was my first attempt to receive data from client and store it with this framework.

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