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User interface design was made using Sketch App, Zeplin and InVsion. Assets were uploaded on GitHub.

Backend was developed using Ruby on Rails from Scratch. Using rails-api to make it faster, once we are not using the Frontend pipeline that rails provides . As we don't have access to Shopify database, we need to have to built our own database using crawler techniques and random text. Processes running in parallel with Sidekiq to fill our Postgres Database. Serializers to delivery json easily for our Frontend.

The Front-end was buit using NodeJs as a wrapper, AngularJS to render, SASS for styling and Ionic for the mobile view.

The iOS app was written in Swift. We used the CoreLocation and MapKit libraries to get and display the users' location in a map. We used CoreData to store the information of the stores to reduce the number of the requests and provide a better user experience. The code and assets were committed and pushed to Github.

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