In this era, with peak levels of obesity among adults and children, many people have started to realize the importance of fitness. Fitness is the new norm moving forward and many people want to be as fit as their favourite influences. However, many people don't have the budget to seek help from the highly professional fitness gurus.

On the other hand, we have people who have been training for years who would love to get a second income doing what they love rather than working as a waiter or any other minimum wage job.

Through Fitz, we aim to connect these two kinds of people so that many people can realize their dream of becoming healthy as well as providing a second income to those who want to do what they love.

Our easy to use app insures that people can schedule their training program at minimum time and effort.

Each and every trainer will be tested by us. They will undergo two tests, a written one to demonstrate theoretical knowledge and a test consumer to test their teaching ability. This ensures that only the highly qualified are available through the app.


We want to see become fit by removing one more excuse for them-money and also by providing ease of access to the top 5% of the fittest people in the country.


We used react-native with third party libraries like expo to make production faster. We also used react-native-paper to give the app a good material design theme and a cleaner UI.


We faced three challenges. Firstly, we were a man short and had to take less breaks in order to get the app working before the submission deadline. Then, only one of us was proficient in React-JS so the other guys had to learn the framework on the go making our production a little behind schedule. Lastly, we were inexperience with version control and git and suffered a big loss because of this.


  1. Aryaj Pandey
  2. Gabriel Roskowski
  3. Umar Jahangir

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