Restaurandom suggests a random restaurant based on the device's current location and the user's filtering criteria (walking vs. driving, price range, etc.). This Project is a prototype made for VandyHacks 2017.

Run it yourself!

You can try out the app if you already have node.js, angular client, ionic, and Cordova installed on your device. Simply clone the git repo, cd into the repo and run npm install to install all packages. Next, run ionic serve or ionic Cordova run browser to view the app in your browser (chrome is highly recommended since certain features of ionic HTTP client is known is not function with IE)

How does it work?

First of all, each of our users gets a profile, which stores name, contact, last known location/city, and the price range he or she is comfortable with. Next, let's say you are about to go out for dinner with a bunch of friends, but everyone is giving the "eh I don't care" "yeah, whatever is fine" vibe. You pull out your phone, open up our app, and simply tap the button Let's Eat! All you have to do is to tell us 1. whether you are driving or walking 2. What kind of occasion is this (dinner, lunch, nightlife, etc.), and we will take care of the rest for you! The app acquires the device's current location, the user's choices, and the user's comfortable price range. Then, it calls the yelp fusion API to get a list of businesses that match the criteria. One of those businesses is randomly selected for you. To save the mystery and keep the surprise, we in fact do not tell the user the name of the business we just found, but instead we give them a list of "buzzwords" that depict the place. Lastly, we have links to open app uber, google maps, or waze - take your pick and you will be on your way with your bunch of indecisive friends in no time! Oh did we mention? Once you get there, you will unlock exclusive coupons, deals, discounts, and just tons of awesome stuff offered by us!


Angular 4 Ionic 3 Cordova.

API references

Yelp Fusion API Google Map API Uber Deep Links Waze Deep Links

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