We were inspired to make a simple and clean looking banking app using Capital One's API. None of us have much experience working with HTTP requests, so we were excited to gain experience with using API's. We really wanted to make a good-looking interface.

What it does

It manages your bank accounts. You can create, edit, merge, transfer, etc any bank accounts. It keeps track of your transaction history and bills.

How we built it

We used Java in eclipse, and used apache HttpClient to make HTTP requests to the Capital One Nessie API. We used JSON parsers to parse the Capital One API's output. We used lwjgl to help with the rendering.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to get the API integrated into our program. We had trouble setting up put and delete http requests, and there were various problems getting the rendering side to interact with the logic side.

What we learned

How to use an API, specifically Capital one's, as well as JSON parsers.

What's next for VandyBank

We will probably work to finish up the Bills, Location, and Settings sections of the application. We also would be like to add passwords to accounts.

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