As college students, it is imperative that we are aware of our daily expenses. Multiple trips for boba during the first month of college made quite a dent in our wallets. As a result, we decided to create an app that tracks all of our expenses, as well as noting whenever we are spending more than we should be.

What it does

We constructed a personal finance app, which consists of three tabs: one displays a pie chart with all sources of expenses, as well as three different lists of any changes to our expenses that differ from the last week, another tab consists of a home page that welcomes the user and displays their disposable income, and lastly a profile page contains basic information about the user, including an email, phone number, and username.

How I built it

We used the Dart Programming Language along with Flutter for both the front and backend development. The IDE we used for this project was Android Studio. We began the construction primarily on each individual tab, before putting everything together, complete with a navigation bar that the user operates.

Challenges I ran into

One of the largest challenges our team faced consisted of the fact that not only were we all lacking any high-level coursework in programming as freshmen, none of us had any prior experience creating apps using the Dart language. We learned essentially everything we could in a 2 hour crash course YouTube video, having to figure things out along the way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While the app itself may not have been the most polished, we appreciated the fact that, despite having absolutely no experience in mobile app development, we were able to put together a somewhat functional application.

What I learned

This entire project was a learning experience for each member of the team. Coming out of this, we have gained valuable insight into the fundamental process of constructing apps through Flutter.

What's next for FinBudget

If possible, we plan to incorporate a variety of Google Cloud APIs, as well as integrate Firebase into the app to allow for users to securely log-in to the app and have their data stored on a reliable platform.

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