Inspiration - The CoViD Pandemic has restricted us from having a physical halloween party, so we thought of using Augmented Reality, to make this world a smaller place and help people connect and enjoy the halloween night safely.

What it does - The project uses Augmented Reality to create a Halloween experience in real world. Users get to see the cemetery, the halloween pumpkins, the ghosts, amazing makeup and halloween filters to make this night a fun.

How we built it - We used LensStudio to create AR Filters, Unity Vuforia for Cemetery and ghosts and sparkAR for Pumpkins.

Challenges we ran into - The cemetery was not able to detect motion initially, but then we finally dealt with the issue. Same goes for pumpkins.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We worked on the lighting effect for the first time using SparkAR. We worked on such an amazing project for 12 hours continuously, then created the demo video, which was so much fun. The video shooting part required a lot of patience and acting, directing plus video shooting talent, this was something new, we discovered about ourselves.

What we learned - Lighting Effects using AR, Dealing with motion in Unity,Team Work, Video Shooting, Acting

What's next for VampAR - Currently, the project detects the motion of maximum 2 members, we would work to increase it to more members. When this becomes perfect,and we add a few more filters, we would work on integrating this as an app using Flutter and Unity AR integration.

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