FB fan page for farming union association have only 6000 members with few activity, All activity are limited to sessions.

What it does

We create a competition between farming association through auction; they bid on the web app demands and their crops. Each association meet farmers and group them to cover the needs. All farmers have a very simple mobile app to follow updates and announcement.

How we built it

A web app is introduced in each association agent for bidding. a mobile app with farmers to follow up updates with their association agent. Blockchain is the core of the project to link each farming association as a node.

Challenges we ran into

  • Data availability,
  • simplify UX for farmers with basic functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We use Blockchain for data security and data traceability, every single transaction is timestamped and shared in a public ledger.

We can include school meals as a bidding deal in the web application where farmers can invest and with some agri-processing steps, partial of school meals could be provided by local farmers.

Meeting with farmers and farming association agents.

What we learned

How Blockchain could be implemented to fill the gap and remove intermediary in the food cycle, which in terms reflected to the cost.

  • There are a huge gap

    What's next for Valoro

  • collaborate with farming association and NGOs.

  • Test app and get feedback.

  • Complete a business cycle in the app through blockchain for data traceability.

project include.

  • Mobile app for farmer developed using React native.
  • Blockchain backend developed using Hyperledger composer for demonstration.
  • WP for project workflow.


Replace Wordpress web application with Angular app to connect with REST Server generated from blockchain, this would help in traceability for each transaction in the chain.


For Farmers.

Registration page

Open App Welcome message from splash screen


Home page Screen

Capture picture and send Voice notes. Check announcement.


Check previous messages. drawing

For Investors and associaton (UX)

Registration page

Open App Welcome message from splash screen Find deals

Bid item screen


necessary details about item (full detailed name of item and item description) real-time information about auction (current bid and bidding time duration) call-to-action to place final bid.

TODO Search by location

Blockchain part (Integration)

Register a user on blcokchain

Register multiple users by clicking on "Create Account". **user could be investor/farmer

Register an Asset

Once the user is registered, they can add an asset by clicking on "Action" -> "Register Asset" Complete the requested fields. Keep in mind the User's Owner Id specified when creating the user account. This will be used for the "Current Owner ID" field.

Once the asset is registered, you can see the asset displayed on the auction homepage.

The asset could be a specific demand (shcool meals)

Opening an auction

Click on "Actions" -> "Auctions". You should see the "AUCTIONS" window that will allow you to click on "Open Auction" Enter a duration period in minutes and click on the "OPEN AUCTION" button at the bottom.

Bid on Asset

Click on "Actions" -> "Bid On Asset". Follow the instructions listed paying attention to the time remaining in the existing auction. Submit Bids with different available user IDs, Highest Bid Price will be updated periodically on UI.Clicking on BuyItNow will close the Auction immediately and no more auctions can be submitted. Once Auction is closed updated details can be seen on Asset Details view.

Transfer Asset

Click on "Actions" -> "Transfer Asset". An asset can be transferred by entering existing user id and clicking on the Transfer button. Updated details can be seen from Detail View of the Asset.

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