We are working on building the next best thing, we want to change history and deliver a clean planet to the people ahead of us, the future belongs to them, we are only here for a brief time and we need to make the best out of it

What it does

its a custom telegram client build on TDlib or something similar to promote peace in the world, starting by creating permaculture communities in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

How I built it

we need to include lots of channels and groups to get people into the game, so the challenge is to get all puerto Vallarta to use telegram, we can do this by doing a big advertisement, let's get people in and see what happens.

Challenges I ran into

We are not developers, so we need to do a very good website for and maybe get more domains, or a subdomain like something to have fun and learn about cryptocurrency and other things important in life.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have 2 beautiful daughters and I had lots of success in tech before, I have an eye for tech.

What I learned

I am still learning, but I know a bit about the blockchain to know that this is a bid deal, lets use and mana to build the future, we can start by creating vallartopia that is a susentable community on the blockchain in Puerto Vallarta, we are on thank you for your consideration, lets make a blockchain for AMLO and this will help him get lots of people very interested, I think we can create 4D content.

What's next for vallartopia autosustentable comunity on the blockchain

We need to be an ICO first, get lost of millions of USD to build the community and teach them about ethereum, bitcoin, blockchain, crypto stuff, and in return they will teach us about natural medicine, and how to be in good shape generally, we are here to put this planet in order, lets show that we can change the world in days if we want to.

next is renewable energy, we need to build the next CFE for Mexico, we need channels and groups on telegram for this, lets also get to work on this project as soon as possible, this can be the first custom ton app for Mexico, and we need all puerto Vallarta to join the party

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