We got inspired by the Cosmos ecosystem itself, where Delegators delegate their resources to Validator nodes, and we decided to create an additional gamified mechanic for the validators and delegators.

What it does

Validator Wars is a Dapp on Cosmos SDK, where:

  • Validators can create a farming pool associated with their ID (public address, name) in the selected network, which they replenish by CW20

  • Delegators can buy or mint СW721, and in addition to the in-app game mechanics, can delegate those CW721 to a farming pool in order to get rewards in CW20

  • A prerequisite for being able to send to the farming pool and receive additional rewards in CW20 is that the delegator must already have a stake in the main network of the validator

Our application will be of interest to young blockchain networks and master node providers in order to attract new and motivate existing users to participate in staking.

How we built it

We tried to run Ethermint to deploy our contracts, but could not accomplish to deploy the contracts. Truffle and Redhat were displaying different errors while deploying smart contracts.

We concentrated the efforts to make a NFT IBC, but all the examples that we found were outdated and not working.

In the End we opted out to use an already developed app from BlockscapeNetwork.

Our efforts were to deploy the Rust smart contracts and build an IBC module for the app, we could not manage to deploy the contract because of outdated/not-up-to-date configs.

As a result, we did some frontend changes to the code and left it as it is to concentrate on conveying the high-level of the project.

Challenges we ran into

Ethermint, Wasm contract deployment, IBC, relayer NFT.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Idea, Concept, Frontend & Design.

What we learned

Technical: in the process trying to understand the marketplace code we learned about Rust, Ethermint, IBC and Startpot scaffolding.

Cosmos: how the validators work and could be improved with different incentives, like staking NFTs.

What's next for Validators Wars: farming pools for NFT

The next thing we would like to tackle is the integration of wasmd with peggy, so that we can run smart contracts on both ETH and Cosmos, and add support for NFT tokens in the peggy module.

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