Traditional databases are hamstrung by the rigidity of SQL. The NoSQL movement is growing daily, and the Next Big Thing is representing your data as a mathematical graph. Think of a whiteboard diagram, then imagine accessing your data that exact way. Graph Databases emphasize the relations between objects instead of simply grouping by type. This allows for a much more scalable approach for growing your data cluster.

ValGraph is a new Distributed Graph Database Engine for cross-platform development. It allows you to access the database locally while it seamlessly streams in the background, uploading data to servers and downloading invisibly and quickly.

The key feature of this platform is the fact it can be used in any environment:

-Social Analytics Engines -Simulations involving high connections (chemical simulations, neural networks, etc) -High score lists for games -Messaging -Anywhere shared / distributed data needs to go

Target users are anyone that needs shared distributed data moved hella fast, i.e. many folks in this room.

Currently runs in Python and/or Javascript.

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