Parking on college campuses is a problem. Lots are clogged and no one has the time to drive around to every lot in the short time before their class starts in the hopes of maybe finding a spot to park. Students pay for parking passes they may not even be able to use. We think you deserve to find a spot to park, even if you don't have time to show up early and scour the grounds.

What it does

Students can use Valet to access a heatmap of current parking on campus, as well as check a calendar of upcoming events, and get directions to the closest lot to their destination building with open spaces. Administrators can manage lots and events, creating a useful and unifying portal for students navigating their campus.

How we built it

Valet was built with php + laravel powering the server backend and our internal api for lot information, python + opencv in tandem with infrared sensors to process information on cars entering and exiting, and good old-fashioned javascript on the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Keeping processing happening on the raspberry pi to a minimum in order to not be blocked by the speed of the device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building something we can bring back and present to campus administration as a proposal to implement on our campus.

What we learned

We each individually fleshed out our knowledge in our respective disciplines.

What's next for Valet

We're bringing Valet back to Michigan and pitching it to our University! We hope to implement our proof of concept on our own campus, and make it open and available to other colleges who need to improve their parking.

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