Previous difficulties with roommates

What it does

Valera is the perfect tool for roommates who need help organizing tasks and manage finances. With face recognition, Valera can tell which roommate is using it. Valera then responds to voice commands to show tasks each roommate must perform, add tasks to the current roommate or other roommates, and manage the finances of different roommates. Valera is currently on a laptop, but the final product will be on a tablet mounted on the wall for easy acces of all the roommates in the house.

How we built it

We used from Microsoft for the facial recognition. We trained it with various pictured of the roommates with different backgrounds so that it could pick the correct roommate. Python and javascript were used for the voice-to-text translation, allowing Valera to understand voice commands. HTML5 was used to provide the visual representation of Valera, allowing us to customize the look of the program to our liking.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the face to recognize the correct roommate, getting the domain online, getting the voice-to-text working, getting the display to properly display the tasks and finances, resolving merge conflicts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the voice and face recognition to work properly, getting the task setting system via voice commands to work properly, getting the display to display the proper information.

What we learned

How to use github to work as a team and cooperate between the different tasks requiring different tools to complete. How to use python flask to create a website with a python back end.

What's next for Valera

Develop a phone app integration so that roommates can check their tasks or finances from their phone, as well as recieve notifications when a task is added.

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