Valentine’s Day can be tough. Those without a special someone often feel alone and this made us think back to the simpler childhood days of Valentine’s grams. Back then, something as simple as a message from a friend could change our world. Our project is a literal manifestation of that concept. While one user is in a virtual world, outsiders can text Valentine’s grams to the user. The world changes to visualize the sentiment of the grams the user receives.

For most of us, it was our first hackathon and we were excited by the many technical and creative skills needed to build a socially-driven world together:

  • Virtual Reality: create an interactive world using an entirely new medium and device, the HTC Vive
  • Social: include non-VR users in the experience in a novel and intuitive way
  • Database and Web Dev: enable anyone to text real-time Valentine’s grams into the virtual world
  • 3D Modeling: create a flat-shaded lowpoly world which visualizes a transition between happiness and sadness
  • Artificial Intelligence: use sentiment analysis to assign positive or negative sentiment to Valentine’s grams

On this Valentine’s Day, we’re looking back on what we built and loving that it incorporates so many diverse skills we bring together as a team but do not have alone. We hope you enjoy and do not forget the power your words have to change someone’s world.

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