This valentine's we thought we could build a game for the lovers on the Instagram platform using SparkAR studio and reactive-Javascript. This way they could play the game and show-off their scores and tag their valentine on instagram.

What it does

The user(skater) has to jump over the hurdles using the blinking gesture to deliver a rose to his valentine and capitalise on the score and reach ahead as much as possible.

How we built it

  1. The game is built using the Patch Editor in SparkAR
  2. Eye tracker module tracks the 'blink' gesture of the eye to make the actor jump
  3. The environment assets are designed using Adobe Illustrator and exported in PNG, JPG format in SparkAR
  4. The logic for the game is written using Patch editor provided by SparkAR and the action to update the scores after every hurdle is written in Reactive javascript
  5. The screen change and display a mesage like GameOver along with the score if the user collides with the obsacles on the road
  6. Audio assets and animations have been imported as seen in the game

Challenges we ran into

  1. Designing the game logic
  2. Making the assets in Illustrator
  3. Using Recative programming to update scores

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to successfully create and test the game on the Instagram Platform

What we learned

  1. Teamwork makes dreamwork
  2. Reactive Javascript and building intercative expereinces and comibing logic using the Patch Editor in SparkAR

What's next for Valentine's day Game

We are plannig to add more assets to the game, and add better animations and maybe change the environment in the background to a more romantic theme.

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