Many beginners like a few of our teammates have gone through experiences like searching for a youtube video they specifically want more than they code. This is why we've created Valdivian. For programmers, and general users to find videos they want on how to do something niche specific without having to search hours and hours for it.

What it does

Essentially Valdivian will take a bunch of

How we built it

We built it using the basic web languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also used Flask(python) for our back end.

Challenges we ran into

Apart from time brainstorming ideas, and choosing the best idea for us to make. We ran into problems like communication and computer issues, but we were able to solve them pretty quickly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are more than proud of the fact that we were able to put together our project in a matter of days, with all the pushbacks and problems we faced

What we learned

We learned about HTML, CSS, and the JavaScript language. Then building backends with Flask(python) and even a bit of SQL as we tried to implement a database

What's next for Valdivian

Hopefully, we keep adding more features and videos. Also ensuring it is fully functional

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